Sunday, January 3, 2010

a year

A year ago today I wrote my first One Golden Apple entry and posted it. Why not? Nothing to lose. Right. In fact, I feel like with it I have gained a sort of momentum that either simply coincides with the most creative boom of a year, or actually propelled me into it. Either way, I like having a place to come and write things down, and I especially like to have people out in the world respond to those musings. It is friendly and fun and, for me, propelling. Picture a hand stitched helicopter fueled by the hand made and words (maybe not so easy to picture, but I'm not erasing that).

This year I turned, ahem, 40! I bought a new sewing machine that I didn't intend to buy and swore on the way home, as I was coming up with ways to explain my purchase to my husband, that I would make it work for me. It has! Designing clothes turns out to be unbelievably fun and rewarding and my career is definitely being shaped by the work I do with it. This year I also managed to finally form a band (25 years building up courage for that) and I honestly can't believe how much fun it is. What the hell was I waiting for? My work with Family Fun is still a blast and now all of these things (except the rock-n-roll) are coalescing into an amazing project I can't wait to share in a super loud voice (I'll tell all as soon as I can).

So, it has been a good year. I hope my old and new friends will continue to read and share ideas with me.

Blah, blah, blah. Words, words, words. What is a crafty blog without a picture of something crafty- like a half of a pig being butchered or a skirt or something? I stitched some pretty designs on linen and wrapped them around votive holders and mason jars as gifts to some friends. They turned out just the way I hoped they would, so a picture was taken.


  1. Good for you! What a wonderful year. It sounds like you made some excellent choices to live life fully. Happy New Year!

  2. OH congratulations! I love posts about all things, pigs, sewing all of it! Just keep blogging [- I found about three blogs the other day that I loved but the latest post was the blogger signing off for good - kind of great and sad and weird - like a completed loop. Glad you aren't doing that!

  3. 我是天山,等待一輪明月。.........................