Friday, January 22, 2010

Fundraiser for Haiti in the Bay Area

If you are so fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay area and you are looking for a way to contribute to the relief effort for Haiti, take a look at the following invitation and book your spot as soon as you can for a benefit supper my amazing sister is putting on. She decided to do this last Sunday (as in 6 days ago) and by Wednesday, she had to move from her original Muir Beach Community Center location to the fantastic Cavallo Point at Fort Baker, in Sausalito (which the chef so generously donated, along with the full use of kitchen and staff!). Every bit of the food and wine is being donated from local producers- from Niman Ranch meat, Strauss Creamery Ice Cream, to oysters, chocolate, and vegetables. She is stunned and is expecting the full 70 people limit to be filled any day (so hurry!). She was intending to put on a cozy and thoughtful evening and it has turned pretty fancy, but I think it is great. People were hearing about her idea through the grapevine and food and wine donations came pouring in unsolicited- people really want to do something and this is good and right. There will also be some great speakers at the event.

She originally listed the ticket price fairly low ($50) because she wanted to make sure people could swing it. I hope those who can will dig a bit deeper.

The benefit will donate 100% of the proceeds to Partners in Health and DG Educational Services Haiti Project.

Here is a link to the invitation:

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