Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine pendants

It is now a tradition to give my kids homemade valentine t-shirts every year, and though I will surely make them again this year, I also tried these shell bead pendants for the occasion. Pretty cute. Super fun and easy.

I started with these plain shell beads:

1) I applied collage pauge (same stuff as mod podge) to one side of the bead, and then stuck some things on that sealant that I had cut from pretty paper.
2)I then coated the top of the paper with more of the sealant.
3) When the sealant dried, I applied the paper glaze. Like I said in my last entry, the glaze has great surface tension and creates a nice dome without pouring over the edge of the pendant. Here is a picture of me doing this using a button as a pendant blank (which also works great):

It took a few days to dry but the result were really nice. I think the kids will love them. I intend to shower the love on all my darlings. I know it's a Hallmark holiday and all, but I do love it.


  1. These are beautiful! I love this idea.

  2. this is really really cute, Love this idea!
    Have a great week

  3. where did you get the shell beads?

  4. Hey treyandcamille,

    I actually got a string of these beads at Michael's Craft Store. There were about 10 or so for $3.99.

    Have fun!