Friday, October 28, 2011

my girl

I have a 12 year old daughter named Ava, as many of you know.  Since she is my kid, you might not believe that I am unbiased when I say she is pretty flippin' amazing, and of course, you shouldn't.  I am wildly biased but I know it is true.  She recently started a blog to share her art and creative life.  She is also a devoted writer and sometimes we get a glimpse of those stories on her blog.  I wanted to invite you all to go have a peek at Popcorn Cadence.  She, like most of us who put our work out into the world, loves comments, so don't be shy. Pass it along to young friends you have that might be interested.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mason Jar Pendants

I use mason jars a lot, and I know I am not alone in the world now or back in the day.  We drink out of them, burn candles in them, dip paint brushes in them, and preserve food in them.  They are just so darn useful and they are pretty.  So yesterday, we made them into pendant lights for our dinner table and I couldn't be happier (well, I could be a little happier with the cords they dangle from, but the kit was given to us out of my Mom's attic, so...)

Our IKEA pendants were beginning to break and look yucky so we switched it our for this.  Nice, huh!
 Currently, there is a different sized jar on each light, but my husband prefers the little half pint jars.  They can be switched out by unscrewing the lids, and then screwing different jars on.  Maybe I'll even tint some for fun.

 Right now, we are using a piece of cardboard that I cut a hole in for the lid, but we will swapping them out with actual mason jar lids that are drilled today or tomorrow (or in a few years).  I keep checking the cardboard, and it isn't hot at all.  Still, just in case.
This really could not have been easier.  And, I LOVE IT!