Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busiest time of year/life!

It is Spring! Oh, Spring!  The sun is stronger and the buds have opened.  In New England we have leaves opening a good 3 weeks earlier than normal- which is really something!  "We" are planting 500 new trees on the orchard this week
and "we" are also busy prepping for a big trip and a new book!

A week from today will find me in Colorado on day 2 of Improv Sewing's book tour!  I will be on set at Sew It All TV with Debra after a night doing demos and partying down at Denver's super cool crafty shop Fancy Tiger.  Actually, instead of listing all of our event dates here, please head over to our facebook page here for all of the current listings and plans.  "Like" us too- all the cool kids are doing it!

Needless to say, there is a lot to do to get ready and I hope if you live in Denver or environs, or if you live in SF, Santa Rosa, or Sacramento (or a driveable distance from one of those spots) that you will come to one of our fun events.  I really do want to emphasize the fun, because as Debra will tell you, this stuff is FUN!

This is also fun:

I had to pull him a bit, but he got a nice run down the orchard road, and then ended up overturned in a sizable patch of poison ivy. Now I have to decide if the steroids are necessary for my swollen eye!  Ugh!  Vanity is tricky, especially if you are heading in front of an HD TV camera.

Come see me!  Let me know that you came because I asked!  Check out our book.  We are really proud of it and think it is for EVERYBODY- for real!

xo, n

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Burdock baskets

Despite the havoc the wreak on my curly dog's coat (scissors required), burdock creates burrs that are nature's brillo blocks and in no time at all you can smoosh them together to create baskets, bowls, and vases like the one pictured above. We collected these on a walk last week and J and Ava made this together in a few minutes. They just pressed them together.  So beautiful. 

Don't forget to head over to Improv Diary for a dose of actual tutorials and updates on The Great Improv Sewing Tour Stops.  Our book comes out may 1st and we are hitting the road- Colorado, California, Washington DC, NYC, and others.  If you live in any of those places, I hope you'll come to an event.  Like I said, they will be posted on Improv Diary. 

xo, n