Monday, January 25, 2010

a little album

I had pages of pictures left over from the "Let's Find Letter Treasure" piece I did for Family Fun this past autumn (too bad you can't see all the pictures in the article, because they were gorgeous)so I cut them out and made this altoid tin album. You will notice the kids are holding cameras in every picture, but Steven Vote took such luscious and amazing photos, I had to find a way to display even these photocopied versions I didn't end up using when I styled the crafts.

I don't actually love altoid mints, but I do love the tins, so sometimes I end up buying some. This project is super fast- especially if you have wallet sized pictures on hand that need an album- and all materials are from the recycle bin, so that's good.

I cut a piece of Trader Joe's paper bag (with their nice graphics who needs store bought paper) stamped it with the letters spelling "US" and Mod Podged it to the top of the tin. To finish the edge, I put down more Mod Podge and wrapped it with baker's string.

The accordion that holds the pictures inside the tin was made from the paper bag too. I simply cut a strip that would fit in the tin then made folds back and forth to make the accordion- of course, those folds were measured to fit width-wise. If you have loads of pictures to put in, you can glue strips together to make them really long. I used double sided tape to stick the pictures on, as well as to attach the end of the accordion book to the inside of the tin. You'll see that I snipped the corners too. I found that it made it easier to unfold the pages from the tin- and I do like how it looks!


  1. This is lovely! I especially like the paper cover!

  2. what a great idea - it looks beautiful - would make a wonderful gift as well.