Thursday, January 21, 2010

what can we do?

I have been fretting and wondering what I could do about helping people in Haiti get the things they need. I realized that if I sat here continuing to feel helpless, I wasn't going to actually help one person and that simply talking about how horrible the situation is and how devastated I am by the imagery and stories of people terrified and sad and helpless and thirsty, wasn't going to be helpful at all either. So, until I come up with a better plan, I am going to stock my Etsy site and donate to Partners in Heath when I make sales. Maybe I will be more innovative with a little more thought and come up with a better way, since I don't have a zillion people reading this blog or anything, but for now I hope you'll spread the word to folks looking for handmade clothing who might want to buy something with the knowledge that I will donate the money to an organization helping Haitians.

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