Sunday, November 15, 2009

a great weekend

Whew! What a weekend of crafty goodness! The Twist Fair was really amazing and though I was whipped from standing in a 2 square foot space for so many hours, and though my hair was a frizzy mop after ducking under my table to get in and out of that space, I couldn't be more pleased. I got to talk to tons of sweet and curious people, be surrounded by inspired folks with many talents, and see people happy to walk away with something I made. I pretty much sold out, got a couple special orders, and have 3 pages of email addresses to contact when my studio is open and ready for classes.

Here is a picture of my table right before the doors opened on Friday night:

Jam packed! It was hard to notice the dresses, which were my favorite pieces. Here is a wool jersey dress

and a reverse applique dress.

I was so happy about the interest in swapping and came home with some amazingly lovely things from:

This isn't the piece I came home with. I got 2 wee cups with very cool full body silhouettes of Rachel sitting, etched on the side. Love them!

this shirt says 'breakfast' in <span class=
This T-shirt from Mary at Moth Written Arabic. It says "breakfast", in case you didn't know, and her designs are simple and funny and all have the Arabic descriptions or messages on them.

I wanted one of these and will get one eventually, I will.
Pink Grey Juniper Berry Brown <span class=

I don't have a picture of the ring I swapped a skirt for, but go to this site to see her lovely stuff. It was made out of little gear parts of an old SLR camera. It looks like a flower, though sort of industrial. An industrial flower. I love it!

Thanks to everyone who came to see me! I'll be putting a few things in my etsy shop this week and making more stock before the holidays.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is where I will be on Friday and Saturday. It looks like there will be a ton of lovely stuff for sale. Come. Visit me!