Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two new tutorials - snacks and skirts

My kids are at school today! Honestly, I can't believe it, but that's how it goes EVERY YEAR! I like to make them new things to start the year and this year I made Harry a new snack bag with a paper airplane stitched on front.  If you are interested in reading about it and making one like it, head over to this new place I am writing a monthly blog post for - a site called The Bubble Blog. The blog has a number of different writers, writing about a number of different topics - food, crafts, parenting, finances, and organization.  This post should be up over there in the next week.  I just didn't want you to think I left Harry out when you see what I made Ava!

Ava wanted a full skirt made out of great fabric and that is what she got.  I blogged about it over on my other blog Improv Diary and there is a tutorial as well, so you can make one too. I had a simpler plan, but she had a vision and I figured I would try to figure out how to achieve it.  I might do things differently next time, but it worked out great and she looks great and she wore it today ONE HER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Happy almost autumn! xo

UPDATE: The tutorial is now live on the bubble blog! Do show me what you make!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

13 year old girl

13 years ago wasn't yesterday, but the day Ava came is still a completely vivid story I can play over in my mind. She has blown me away each and every year of her growth and now she is a teenager and I am happy.  I am happy that she is happy.  And strong and smart and deeply beautiful throughout.  I don't worry about her - well, I mean, in that way that we worry about whether our kids will lead happy lives, I don't  I worry about her practically every minute, but that is about silly stuff, like whether or not she will drop something heavy on her foot, or land funny jumping off the trampoline.

I would have liked to be her friend when I was 13.