Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I recently finished up work on a feature for Family Fun about New Craft Products on the market and the gal who tests them for the mag- ME! Trying to get over my vanity (read: not in love with the pictures of me)I invite you all to check out the September issue and see the projects I created for the piece- there are some good ones! One thing I tested was the new Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, which is a 3D glaze that you use like resin, only it isn't toxic and tricky. I liked it a lot and made some rings for my sister-in-law and myself. Here's the tute. Easy and satisfying with great results!

What you'll need:
-ring blanks with a bezel (I actually got these at Michael's Crafts and they claim to be lead free, so...)
-embroidery thread and needle
-Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (in stores now, I believe)
-Mod podge

What to do:
1) Cut a piece of pretty fabric to fit into the bezel cup thingy.

2) Stitch your initial or a design on it with contrasting embroidery thread.
3) Use mod podge to stick the fabric to the bezel. It should fit snuggly and have no wrinkles.

4) Rig something up so you can make your ring stand up and have a flat top. This is important for the next step. You also will need to leave the ring to dry without moving it for a few hours, so be sure it's in a good place out of direct sun and dust.
5) With the application tip of the Dimensional Magic pointing down, fill the bezel. To avoid making bubbles, try to make a continuous stream. Fill to top of bezel so it domes slightly. If there are bubbles, wet your finger and touch it to the bubble. It should pop.

6) After the gluey stuff is dry (a few hours) you may need to apply another thin layer as the stuff sometimes sinks when it dries.

A book!

Enough with the hints and announcements of big news to be announced! Enough, already! I am so very excited to tell everyone that I have been offered (and you better believe I have accepted) a book deal from the fantastic Storey Publishing. Do check out all of the great books they have published because if you are here, then you probably lean towards the kind of lifestyle that Storey publishes books about- DIY and the love of making stuff. When I looked through the shelves in their office I realized that my husband and I have tons of books they have published- from animal care and carpentry to food and crafting. They are a creative bunch with a keen vision and I really couldn't be happier to be working with them. They are located in the MassMoca complex so going to meet with them means a visit to an excellent museum in the hills of Western Mass. It isn't that I don't love going to NYC, but I do love the less hectic drive and destination of North Adams on most days.

So, you must be wondering, just what kind of book is this going to be? Well, I think it is the book most people who sew or dream of sewing want. It will have 101 projects that you can make in anywhere from 15 minutes to a day. So you can whip up a cool and creative gift right before heading to the party or you can set aside an afternoon or two to make something quite substantial- like a quilt or throw rug or a new fancy frock. On top of that great promise, what you make will be super original because I am going to explain how to embellish simple fabric and add interesting and unusual elements to really put you name on the piece. I love designer fabrics (so much) but I do feel like they limit how original you can make something. Of course, all of the projects can use whatever gorgeous fabric you want, I'll just show you how to transform cheap muslin and canvas and decorate other fabrics to make them stand up on their own.

So, I have been a busy gal- lots of first run sewing going on in the steamy studio. It is tricky to find time to post here, but I will be giving sneak peeks of projects that will be included in the book, and tutorials on extra projects that you might like.