Sunday, June 13, 2010


Since my kids are now out of school, it is officially summer around here. I think it is going to mean something a little different this summer, as my work projects have increased 10 fold, but we will be getting a great start tomorrow when I begin teaching an art camp in my barn for some fantastic kids. There are 2 weeks planned- Printmaking this week and a Super Crafty free for all next week. My oldest girl will be attending both, which makes this the best possible thing for me to be doing, and my young feller will be dropping by with his babysitter to have a go with the projects too. We are starting with making silk screens tomorrow and moving on to stamp carving, monoprinting, foam stamp making, stenciling, and sun printing- and applying them all sorts of ways. I think it will be a blast.

And, because they are the picture of summer, I will show you a pair of flip flops I dolled up for Ava for graduation night- the older half of her class was graduating (thank God she isn't leaving elementary school just yet)! I made them to match the dress I made for her, but I don't have a decent picture of it (the dress)so I will post it some other time.

They are made by simply wrapping strips of jersey cotton around gluey flip flop straps. I made the flower by cutting out squares and petal shapes and layer them with the size graduating from small to large, sewed it so it puckered up, then sewed it to the shoe. Really, it took 10 minutes and they were more comfortable and cute than before.

I know I have not been posting lately but I do plan to post all about the upcoming art camp projects- so do stop by soon.



  1. Summer camp sounds great. We've hit sniffles and bits of cabin fever over here in Oz. I want to come to your camp instead!