Monday, June 28, 2010

Market Produce Bags

We can buy just about anything we need for cheap, cheap, cheap- I know. But still, if you have to get in the car or have it sent in the mail and you have 20 minutes and some muslin, why not get off the computer and just make these? We all know it will be satisfying, and if your sewing machine is working well, it will be easy and fun. Ok, enough of my preaching, since if you are here, then you are the choir.

These muslin produce bags can be whipped up very fast, but if you want to spend an extra 5-10 minutes, you can also make them super cute by doing a little thread drawing.

Here's the tute:

What you'll need:
cotton string or ribbon

1) Cut a piece of muslin to your desired size. I made this bag big for bunches of chard and leeks. It measured 13" x 19".
2) Create the cord case (where the drawstring will be) by folding the top edge over a half inch and pressing.

3) Fold over again and make a case that is at least 1" wide and press with iron.

4) On the right side of one side of the bag, draw a design with chalk. Using a straight stitch, stitch the design on the bag. I went around the design 3 times so it really has a hand drawn look to it.

5) Fold bag so the right sides are together and sew up the 2 sides (one is a fold, which is intentional because it allows for an unbroken cord casing). I used the kind if stitch that is a combination of straight stitch and zig zag. It sews a seam and seals an edge so it won't fray. Look here:

6) Attach a safety pin to the end of your cord and push it through the casing. Knot the ends together. All done!