Monday, May 17, 2010

the gals wanted skirts

I am so happy to say that Twist was super fun and successful for me. It seems like everyone wanted a new skirt for the warm weather and, well, WOW, how fun is it to see folks walk away with something I made? I've been thinking about which direction to go lately with the whole making clothes thing, and though I'm still not sure, I do know that selling to retail stores seems to make zero sense for someone like me. First, I can't see how I could charge enough to make any money at all, and second, you miss out on what I just described above. I like to talk to people and see them loving something I made. Is that vanity? Probably- and I admit it. But it's more than that too, though I can't quite name it. Now, I just need to decide how many shows I want to do and if I can spend the time needed to build up inventory when I have so many other projects going that require a lot. I'm open to anyone's thoughts. See, I just want more comments- because I'm vain!

Anyhoo, I had a new set-up at Twist which was a vast improvement to the last time, but still needs some tweaking. I decided to make a sign after hearing that it would cost $100 to have one printed! Yea, right. A roll of freezer paper, the font from my business cards (and blog banner), some canvas and some paint was all it required and it was done in an hour or so. A good reminder that i should assume I can make it first, then head further out in the world if I need help. This is what I did:

1) I printed full page letters in my font.
2) I traced said letters onto a long piece of freezer paper so they spelled out "one golden apple".
3) I cut letters out of freezer paper with a craft knife.
4) I ironed freezer paper to white canvas.
5) I applied paint where those cut letters were stuck, let it dry, and peeled off the freezer paper. Perfect!
6) I painted my logo with a paintbrush and freezer paper stenciled the apple on the tree.
7) I machine stitched around the periphery in a meandering sort of way, as I am wont to do.


  1. Holy Craft, Batman! This is fan-flippin-tastic! I'm hoping to hit the craft shows in the fall, and "banner" is on my long list of things to make. Thanks for posting the tutorial...

  2. I wish I could have visited your Golden Apple booth at Twist. Alas I was in the Big Apple. Maybe next year. It looks great! Your clothes are gorgeous and it makes perfect sense that you want to see people admiring them. It is that connection that is so important, even if it strokes your ego. I still think it's all a good thing.

  3. Awesome! I am doing this for my first craft show! You rock!

  4. I love it! I was needing to make a banner. What kind of paint did you use? Fabric paint or just acrylic paint. Also that size looks perfect! Do you mind sharing the dimensions?

  5. Ok, THIS is awesome! I would never have thought to use freezer paper for something this BIG. Way to go! (I came here from One Pretty Thing. :-))