Saturday, August 1, 2009

a decade

My girl is 10 today. A whole decade of watching this fabulous person be herself. She was so small, so curly and blond, and always so sweet. She is now such a strong person, so full of ideas and the need to create, explore, and be silly. She is easy to know and those of you who know her, know her well. She loves being a kid and I'm so glad she is in no rush to be older.

We both have always loved getting ready for her birthday, and this year she is so darn capable, I had all sorts of help and we did a ton of fun things together to prepare for her party, which is tomorrow. Check back soon for pictures of our crafts and pinata and all the other good birthday things.


  1. happy birthday to you and your oh-so splendid daughter.

  2. happy birthday to sweet ava! i can't wait to see pictures. love e