Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Craft- Part 2

Sometimes I wonder if I will be constantly moved by and in awe of my kids as they power through all the developmental milestones and persist on doing things in their own unique way. Will I get pangs of crazy love as they are posing indifference when they get out of the car to go to the school dance, professing their knowledge of some injustice taking place in the world like it began the moment they read about it? I guess I know I will. And as we made our way through the week before Ava's birthday - a birthday she had strong and clear ideas about - I had to step back and watch this great kid as she designed and planned the things we would make and do for her friends. Her grace and humor is not lost on me. Or, at least, it wasn't then. Like I said before, she is so capable now and all the things we did ended up feeling like a fabulous opportunity to connect. So, what may have felt like a huge time commitment in past years (when I was driven by my ideals and maybe too ambitious) just felt like fun.

I am happy for any opportunity to sew but was glad for the enthusiastic assistants as we made 10 little fat quarter totes for the goody bags. Ava matched the fabric with the friend (or sibling) and we whipped them in less than a couple hours - Ava at the machine sometimes, Harry on the pedal sometimes, but only me on the iron (I imagine she could be taught, but I am scared about burns). It was much more fun than driving to the store and Ava and Harry felt pretty proud afterwards.

They had a pretty notebook and pencil inside and extra room for the pinata loot.

What can I say? We all have apples on our minds around here.

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