Monday, August 10, 2009

Amy Butler Cabo Halter

Last year my friend Catherine and I both made black sundresses from the Amy Butler pattern "Cabo Halter"- I think they are favorites to us both. This year I had a go using the pattern more literally, but still extended the length to make it a dress. It fits nice and snugly beneath the boobs so no bra needed-love that! I think I may add a little layer ruffly thing to the bottom to add a couple more inches. I left the edge unhemmed and zigzagged it, which I like, but think the extra couple inches will make it better overall. It is really comfortable, though it has to come on and off over my head since the only zipper I had wasn't long enough.


  1. That looks lovely. My mom gave me a copy of that pattern and I hope to try it soon - also as a dress - but I hate hemming. My new way (at least for me) of hemming a skirt or dress is to do it like this with ribbon or bias tape made out of the dress fabric:
    I made a dark purple dress with hot pink ribbon hem facing and it was pretty.

  2. I am not terribly fond of hemming, myself. I figure out all sorts of ways to make it look good that avoids ironing and measuring. Thanks for the link to that tutorial. I'll check it out.

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