Thursday, July 9, 2009

summer sewing

I'm not sure why I thought summer was going to feel hazy and lazy and full of lots of space for biking instead of driving and all of that. I guess I am an optimist- I watch the doughnut, not the hole, as Ava would sing- but still! I would love to be posting all of the things I have been making lately, but finding the time to upload photos, blah blah blah. I have exactly one minute to write then head off to pick up my kids at our friends house and head off to swim lessons, so I'll get on with it. I have been busy sewing, and it has been super fun. Here's my favorite thing I've recently made: A reverse applique wrist cuff. Just thought I'd share.

Oh, and just because maybe I can be a minute late, I would like to quickly proselytize about buying from small human owned business instead of those BIG BOX stores. My story: My beloved Janome Sewist sewing machine was having it's first little issue and my thread was getting hung up somehow. I actually took my machine apart to see if I could figure out the problem, but since I know nothing about machines, I couldn't. I took it down to Newman's Sewing Machines in West Springfield, where I bought it, and they looked in the bobbin area, found a bent part, rebuilt it, put it back in, adjusted some things, gave me a 15 minute tutorial on various things my machine does, and sent me on my way. All of this for exactly $0! My kids happily spun around on the rotating chairs for 45 minutes, and I felt so glad I wasn't dealing with someone at, say, some unnamed large fabric and sewing store, with employees who are underpaid and low from all the sizing they must sniff. So glad!

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