Monday, July 13, 2009

crafting for the man

Just like with buying gifts, I have a way harder time making things for the guys in my life. I've got me a pretty manly man and the things I tend to make are pretty femme, so I often feel a bit stymied. Even the toe nail polish wearing guys feel tricky to me. Of course, I would put my own little boy in a tight capped sleeved tee with a rainbow unicorn, so I don't think it's totally coming from some standard or aesthetic I have set. Well, some of my most dear friends are men, so I have got to learn to bend and stretch. I started this week with my most beloved cider-obsessed man. An upcycled reverse applique golden bottle of apple cider with a machine appliqued apple adorning it. And, well, he seems to love it! At least I think so, as he doesn't really say too much. Next is a birthday present for a dear one. Any suggestions?


  1. Call me crazy but what about something on a a robe/lounging "attire"?
    My DH would wear a martini glass...with an olive or a twist or anything with wheel or a tool on his shirt.

  2. Thanks, Cookie girl! Yes, maybe some lounge pants for the most laid back person I actually know. The decoration is tricky since he isn't your typical tool and booze sort of lad. I think he might be able to handle pretty- just not too pretty.