Thursday, July 16, 2009

simple pleasures

I just had my upper wisdom teeth yanked (gross!) and although I have a gauze packed mouth, I have a moment and am trying to look back on the summery beauty that made us all smile this morning and made me get my camera out and feel just how good things are. And actually, the extraction wasn't such a big deal. I didn't even have time to figure out how to turn the volume up on my ipod before he got the first one out.

The kid's summer breakfast of choice around here is blended muesli, and if you have never made it, I really think you might want to. It can be filled with lots of stuff or super simple like the one we made this morning. Oats, almonds, and yogurt are blended together and then it is topped with fresh berries and a little agave syrup. We planted a bunch of berries about 4 years ago and they produce all summer long. The kids pick off and on throughout the day and, dang, do I feel great about it. I don't mean to be one of those bloggers that paint the picture of a sweet and perfect life, but really, when we pick berries in our own backyard, boy, do I feel like everything is just perfect- simple, sweet, bountiful, and even slow.

We are all dwarfed by the summer growth of the canes.

I have a hand blender. I just stick the wand right into the container and blend away.


Oh, it's the kids, not the berries at all. Silly me.

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  1. Yummy! What a nice idea. This sounds like a healthy breakfast. Beautiful berries!