Wednesday, May 18, 2011

running in barefeet

About a year ago I, well, lost a little weight and then started running.  I know, usually the running comes first, but running hurt too much before the pounds came off so for me, it came second.  I remember swearing to my running pal after an early attempt, that I simply hated it and she could count on me never running with her again.  I honestly don't know what changed in me, but I LOVE IT now.  I mean really love it. So, after a year of running in some very old runners with a hole worn by the heel, I decided it was time to get new shoes which is a huge step for me because I hate spending money and have really gotten away from buying new things.  Shoes need to be new.  Well, running shoes do.

I bought these!  They are barefoot running shoes but without those individuated toes and they are amazing.  My legs are killing me as I build back up to my regular distance because totally different muscles are used when your foot strikes in the barefoot running position.  I am hoping that I continue to love them- I hope the ache starts to go away soon.  They are flippin' cute though, are they not?

I like to run in a little skirt and plan on making one that isn't black spandex really soon.  Maybe I'll teach y'all how to make one, if you're interested.  Stay tuned. xo


  1. Hooray for running! Today I did a long-ish hilly route that had me fairly pooped last year but I felt energized after running it a year later! :)

  2. I too have found a love of running - it has taken awhile, but man it gets the mind in check.
    I have a pair of those crazy fingered runners and think of T every time I put them on!