Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mushrooms for mother's day

It is that time of year again- morels. More-Ls. Mrrrrrrrelles.  And what a crop!  You won't have to look back too far to see the last time I posted about this gift of plenty.  We are lucky enough to have MANY dead or dying apples trees in the old part of our orchard and that is where these little fun guys (ha) like to grow.  And some did GROW.
 That was in Jonny's big hand!
 This is where the fairies live, apparently.
 Harry's prize find.
 Ava found about 2 pounds!
 Perfectly timed with the first asparagus...
And some newly fermented cider...

 Perennial mushroom and friend.
        The man knows how to cook.                        
And if you could know what that tasted like! Oh my word! We had it with pasta, of course.

Now, that is how to spend Mother's Day, right? Thank you, lucky stars. xo.

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  1. oh. I am wordless. well, you know, wordless for a wordy person. Happy mothers day but my words are just so unnecessary with that kind of celebration on hand! it looks amazing.