Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh happy day

Though a couple days in, I haven't had a moment to comment here about the party going on in my heart and on my face every time I think about Obama's inauguration and every single thing I have heard him say since that day. I made a commitment, a real honest to goodness promise, that I would keep open and hopeful, and avoid the easy slip into a cynical mode that many of us are accustomed to after such a long haul. Somebody said to me today that they felt patriotic on Inauguration day, then they felt weird for that patriotism- not actually being familiar with the sensation/emotion prior to this day. She's in good company, and she was before too. I do hope that we will collectively learn what it really means to contribute as Americans, as a culture of many cultures, and begin to heal the genuine spirit of this beautiful country and world.
Yes I AM!

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