Saturday, January 3, 2009

a New Year's first post

A Happy New Year. My first post, which I am realizing is the manifestation of some unspoken- until now- resolution for the expanse of a year that is placed before me. Why not? I am a person who is forever up for improvements and seeking inspiration wherever it may bubble up. I have found so much of that inspiration in the blogesphere and want to add my thoughts and experience to the conversation.

I live in a home a super-duper creative types. My husband, a man spilling over with vision and ideas, a 9 year old daughter whose art and writing never ceases to floor me, and a 4 year old son who can create personae with boas, tutus, swords and hard hats like no other I've seen (I imagine those flamboyant costumes are generally isolated to the privacy of people's homes).

My family (well, my husband) is in the process of starting up a hard cider business. We have a 38 acre orchard and have planted 1500 trees desirable for hard cider. We acquired the orchard about 5 years ago, planted the new block of cider trees this past spring('08), and used our recently erected 100 year old cider press for the first time a few weeks ago (with apples we bought from an orchardist in Vermont who had the varieties we wanted). It was a great! A huge step in the whole story and now my cider obsessed man, Jonathan, has about 100 gallons of juice to ferment into something truly beautiful. Really, his cider is goo-ood. Take a look at our press and a bit of the process.
Check out my little shop on called a golden apple. I have been making skirts out of 100% cotton jersey fabric cut from clothing I bought at the Salvation Army. I decorate them by doing reverse applique and they are the most comfortable and flattering things ever (not to mention super cute!). Here are a few pictures of them.

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