Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you

I can't begin to thank the people in my life enough for who they are and how they deeply affect my life. I wanted to start making a list of names but knew there would be people I would neglect to put down and it wouldn't be because I am not thankful for them.  So, you know who you are.  I hope you feel from me my deep gratitude for the blessing of your place in my life.  I really hope you do.

I am, at this moment, baking a huge apple pie.  Pumpkin is done.  Going for a run soon.  Playing an enormous game of Capture the Flag with many families and that should simply be the biggest blast ever.  Going to our dear Catherine and Michael's for a feast that will be too delicious to describe, I'm sure.  It is sunny.  We pressed 300 gallons of cider on Monday. Ava and Harry and Jonny are amazing. Things are really good and I am so freakin' thankful.

Now, before I start to cry, or something, please head over to Pacing the Panic Room to see Ryan Marshal's beautiful video of our apple press in action.  It is short and truly worth your time.  He is crazy talented and inspired. In case you don't read his whole post, here is another link that will bring you to Kinfolk magazine, where Ryan wrote and article and contributed the same video.  It is a magazine devoted to celebrating small gatherings and is lovely,

Have a great day and wear loose fitting clothes!

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