Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Spring Aaaah...

Oh, what a bit of spring can do.  That is what my girl sang in her role as Mrs. Beaver, in her school play of Narnia a couple weeks ago. She was able to have so much fun as the comic relief of the story and she really did rock it, if I can be so bold and braggy.  She was also the stern Mrs. Macready who ran the children's uncle's museum home, and she wore the gray wig and no-nonsense attitude believably.  Not being a big ham in public, generally speaking, I was bursting with amazement and pride as she owned her roles and beamed with confidence.
She should have teeth to go with the beaver tail you can't see, but this was a dress rehearsal and it didn't happen. Doesn't she looked chuffed?  You should have heard the cockney accent. Alright, I'm done kvelling.

I was talking about spring. Every year I am taken by how the promise of warmth and leaves and growth changes the way I look at the world.  Really, it is like an instant attitude changer and it is one of the many reasons I do love living in New England, where there is no mistake which season we are in.  This year we started the garden nice and early in our greenhouse (That feels great.  We usually are way behind schedule due to laziness or something) and we hope to have a nice Berkshire Boar coming to visit our pigs next week. You know what that means? PIGLETS!! Now, that it something I can't wait to see.


  1. Piglets...oh how sweet!

    LOVE your blog...have just arrived here...linked from your paint palette box on Pinterest!
    BTW Congrats on your book offer!


  2. Thank you, Char.x! Nice to meet you. Loved looking at your blog too!

  3. SO bummed that I missed the play!!! Is there a DVD floating around somewhere?

  4. she does look great! no shame in being a braggy mum - that is kinda our job isn't it?! hope the whole boar / pig thing works out - how exciting. piglets would be a whole world of fun and wonder. How do you fit it all in??