Thursday, July 22, 2010

fortune cookies

Uh, it seems that someone working in a fortune cookie factory reads my blog. Really, I am so excited for every comment but when I google translate some of them, they are like this:
Can impart knowledge, wisdom can not. Each person must be his own.

and this:

Happiness is not everything, people have a responsibility.

They don't seem to actually relate at all to my crafting and posting and I do wonder what the story is. My daughter loves it anyway, though sometimes when I hit translate I hope it isn't porn (and it has been).


  1. Really you should delete those. The comments are a ruse - the real intent is to post a link to some pr0n site or place where you can buy ed pharmaceuticals.

    After you're finished deleting them, you might want to change your blogspot settings to disallow anonymous and name/url commenters. Unless you're fine with just deleting them as they pop up.

  2. I always get a bunch of those that I am continually having to delete. FYI - if you click the ellipses in those comments, they link to porn sites. I keep trying to install a "type in the letters to comment" security thing and for some reason it never takes. Maybe someone thinks I need some fortunes, too!