Thursday, March 25, 2010

a new direction

Ah, spring. What is it about being able to smell the earth that makes me feel like anything is possible? Well, just in time, because I'm ready to dive deeper into things I really love to do and I'd rather have that "anything is possible" feeling than trepidation- uh, duh! So, here it is: I'm in my studio, I have the TWIST Fair to look forward to, a very large project is on the brink of actually existing (it will rock my world but mum is the word right now, and no, it is not a new baby), and I'm just generally feeling like tidying up my career path. Family Fun provides me with loads of space and opportunity to develop kid's crafts so I think it is time to treat One Golden Apple here as my home for sharing my sewing inspiration, projects , and products. Maybe a kid's craft will be thrown into the mix now and then. Sometimes they are too much fun not to share.

Enter the spring green wool jersey dress with a little touch of smocking on the front.

I am dying of how pretty this fabric is. It is a lightweight jersey- soft, soft, soft- and that green! I don't know where this dress is headed. It might go to my Etsy shop, or Twist, or maybe live in my own closet. I've been branching out from my beloved jersey, however, and my "New Line" of skirts and dresses will include some crisp stretch poplin, stretch lawn, and printed woven fabrics. Stay tuned. As I start to step up production and documentation, this is where you'll be able to hear about it and see it. There will still be tutorials and maybe even a giveaway soon.


  1. That green reminds me of spring moss. Love the smocking, and can't wait to see your new line. Can I have a private viewing? xo me

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  3. Hi! I've really enjoyed looking at your blog. Thanks for posting the screen print ideas, too. I think I got here from an Easter post on another blog. Oh, the fuzzy bird! Anyway my cousin asked me to silkscreen a teeshirt with a drawing I made the other day. I took serigraphy as a degree requirement in the 90s, but the scale I'd be printing on now is nothing like the set up we had at school! Your ideas are great help!

  4. Hey, everyone, thanks for commenting and sending love. Lauren, if you post your screen print on your blog, do let me know. I am crazy busy and I haven't been looking at others blogs very much lately and I don't want to miss it. That Chinese comment above was pornographic. How in the world did they find me and why did they leave a comment. Crazy interweb.

  5. love this dress! Came from ohdeedo for your tutorial on your water color painting for kids and now I can't stop looking at everything!

    Pattern or tutorial??