Thursday, October 8, 2009

bird print

If you are a certain friend coming for a birthday dinner tonight, please read this tomorrow. Really, Catherine, go look at Red Bird Crafts or something, because I'm posting your present. Bye!

Last night I finished the silk screen that I wanted to use on a table runner for my friend's lovely new table- it's too pretty for a table cloth. The design is so pretty and though I would love to take full artistic credit for it, I must admit I sort of lifted the idea from a children's book. In fact, if you can tell me which book it came from, I will silk screen it on a t-shirt for you. It's not obscure, so someone should come across it sooner or later.

I swear it wrinkled from the time I ironed it to when I carried it down the stairs to photograph it.

Since the silk screen was out and ready, I grabbed a couple other things to print. This is a girl's upcycled skirt I made last night:

And this is on the edge of a wool scarf cut from the extra wool knit I made a woman's skirt out of last night- more on that later, because I am in love with this new wool fabric I picked up yesterday at this warehouse fabric place called Osgoods near me in Springfield.

Subtle. Maybe too subtle?


  1. I love the runner, and adore the skirt. (Not hinting or anything, but if you happen to see a larger swath of that fabric somewhere and happen to have a burning desire to make a grown-up version of that, I certainly wouldn't turn it down...)

  2. Beautiful - a wonderful present.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm sure your friend will love her present. xoxoxo

  4. hey lisa, the skirt was made from a women's shirt but I did think of you when I saw it. Do send me your measurements, however, and something may come your way sometime :).