Monday, June 1, 2009

The way childhood looks to me

I don't have a great long term memory.  It is spotty and random and does not make for great storytelling when my kids ask me to regale them with stories of my youth.  They have their Papa for that, luckily.  He remembers every itty bitty thing.  Most of the memories I do have are photo assisted.  Grainy, strangely colored snapshots of days on the beach, in the woods, on my street riding a bike- this is what I remember childhood looking like.  Those photos are colored in the palette of nostalgia for me and I didn't even realize it until I was told about a website called Poladroid  ! After a simple download, I was able to drop in some photos of my kids and their friends and they were instantly growing up in the 1970s. 

Oh, and here is my album cover head shot (joking).  Maybe we can just go in with modern day photo shop and rub out those lines on my aged forehead


  1. holy crow! you look beautiful! what a nifty little function. the kids really do look so disco era.

    xo e