Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fooled ya!

My daughter is definitely a gag kind of gal. It doesn't need to be the first of April to have a pillow fall on one's head while walking through a doorway in our house. Nor should Grandad be surprised if there is poop on his Sunday supper plate (of the plastic variety, but still!). Not to overuse the apple theme in our lives, but you know what they say about where apples land when they fall from the tree. The tree being Jonny. I'm afraid I am just coming out of my shell as far as humor is concerned.

In any case, we take April Fool's Day seriously around here so I thought I'd share what's planned for tomorrow. I don't know what I'd do if the first fell on a weekend. There is something great about packing a gag lunch and wondering all day how it went off. For Ava, we have packed an extremely small lunch for her. So small, in fact, it fits in a matchbox. See.

What you see: A cheese and lettuce sandwich, a carrot, a chopped raisin, and a piece of cake. This we packed in the matchbox, then put that in a small plastic container, then put that in a bigger plastic container, which finally ended up in her metal sandwich container. I think I'll put a bunch of empty containers in the bag to make it heavy. She, of course, is expecting something, but will love the itty bitty surprise.

Harry is only 4 and though he knows what happens on April 1st (Ava has briefed him), I am maybe a little concerned he will be confused by a trick. I am more concerned that he will feel left out of the fun, however, so a trick he will get. Here is his lunch.

Of course, he may just think he scored an awesome lunch.

Their teachers will be alerted and told where the actual to-be-eaten lunches are hidden.


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  1. Ha! I love thinking of you and Jonathan working stealthily on your gags. Ava will LOVE her itty bitty lunch situation.