Thursday, February 5, 2009

old and new

Back in the 60's, I imagine, there was a woman sitting in a factory who was a member of the Women's International Ladies Garment Union, and she was fashioning this amazingly loud pair of pants for some nice American girl about let loose.  The waist was low and the bottoms belled. Then that girl bought the pants and wore them a few times, but maybe was nearly as shy about them as I would be today, if I were to consider leaving my house in such an eye catching number.  Well, somehow, these pants made it into our local Salvation Army with only the Union's label inside, and I snatched them up.  Three or more decades later I marveled, washed, and unceremoniously cut these pants into the most fabulous set of napkins I've ever made.  

I will have them for sale in my etsy shop, along with sets of other cloth napkins, if anyone is interested.  I wonder if anyone will ever be wiping their spaghetti sauce mouth on any of my coveted clothes that end up at the Salvie?  

So, I came home with fabric treasures and Jonny came home with, apropos of him, old glass bottles, screen printed with the names of some long gone soft drink companies from our area, still in the original wooden cases.  They have inspired us towards the idea of screen printing our cider bottles, rather than using a paper label.  Look at these simple beauties.

I really love the simple graphics painted on these.  There is something substantial and honest about them.  Something to consider.   Especally for us folks who are known to, perhaps, buy a bottle of something because we like the label.  I mean, what tastes better, a tall thin bottle of coke pulled from one of those cold metal machines, or a coke in a can tumbling from an illuminated billboard style machine?

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  1. totally LOVE the napkins!
    and, what a cool idea -- silk screen labels...
    i had to reread and stop and think...
    and then -- ah ha! can't wait to see what you two come up with
    for the cider!