Monday, May 14, 2012


Last week I was in California! Beautiful California.  I was there with Debra (my co-author pal) promoting Improv Sewing and I actually can't believe how busy our days were. A city of culinary delights-like tacos.  I could cry thinking that I did not have one, though I set out with the idea that I would have them for either lunch or dinner daily.  Do you understand?  I sort of became the woman I am in SF- fed by taquerias. I was so busy.  But! But, I did have a little time on the first morning, as I was waiting for the Larkspur ferry to take me across the bay to my sister who was going to drive me up to an event in Santa Rosa.  Am I boring you with too many details about the minutiae of travel?  Then look at what I indulged in before the ferry came.  Perfect eggs on a bed of creamy Bellweather farm goat cheese with delicate butter lettuce.  I also had a pot of Stumptown coffee that was as good as coffee at home (which is good). I had this at the most lovely place in the ferry building called Boullette's Larder, sitting at the communal table, talking to the most awesome waitress and looking out to the Bay Bridge.  It was the most expensive plate of eggs I have ever purchased, but I watched the egg farmer walk in with her eggs and they really were sort of a magical experience.  I think I must cook eggs more gently in the future.